About KS Kalyan Foundation

KS Kalyan Foundation aims to build equal relationship among urban and rural areas. It’s our endeavor to aware all the people of the world regarding social issues. We are working to uplift rural, tribal people so that they could come to know the latest techniques and can come in connection with world. We are working to make the world clean, green, and stable and want to introduce ecofriendly things.

Everyone has some potential to perform certain things in the best way but due to lack of resources and awareness they are not able to show their potential to the world. We are working to encourage every individual to show their qualities and manpower. We want to withdraw the thoughts which are hidden in the people. We want them to be productive, enthusiastic, strong and stable.


KS KALYAN FOUNDATION not only meant with the purpose of SOCIAL welfare, but it is an attempt to give a better life as well as a better tomorrow to the society.


Our mission is to create a better future not by encouraging all but by eradicating the reason of the problem. We want to make people their own guide so that they can live life happily and satisfactory.