KS KALYAN FOUNDATION is a research-oriented organization. Our aim is not limited to providing necessary and correct information but is also to aware as many people as possible with that information. We are working in education sector from a long period. After studying the market properly, we got the result that education has become a medium of business in today’s scenario. Which also includes schools, colleges, and some other educational institutions. They start such institutes by paying a huge amount of franchise fees and get bounded to pay the royalty every Year. This results in an increase in the price of books, tuition fees, and other expenses. In today’s time, giving education is not a social act but a kind of business. To solve this issue, our Research Development experts has devised an education model based on Completely NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY 2021 and NCERT. We will provide complete guidance and support to start to own your educational institute, school, and skill centers, at very low investment without any FRANCHISE FEES & ROYALTY.